03.Flowerhorn Cichlid Habitat and Tank Conditions

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Flowerhorn Cichlids are fish that have been bred in captivity ever since they have been presented to the wider public. 

Because of this we can’t say for sure what wild habitat they feel most comfortable, but it’s most likely that their preferred conditions would largely stay the same as most other Cichlids.

These species are usually found in warm, relatively hard tropical waters.

They prefer slow-moving basins with a nicely sheltered riverbed that has a generous amount of live plants on the bottom and also a wide range of potential prey. These conditions can easily be replicated in any tank – the only thing complicating it is the large volume they require.

Tank Setup

These fish love clean waters with a moderate flow, this is why it’s recommended to use a powerful filter like a canister. It’s also very important to regularly maintain the tank with frequent water changes and a cleaning routine as Flowerhorns can be quite a messy fish.

Water parameters are extremely important to ensure that your fish don’t become sick and their natural rhythms are kept in order. The recommended temperature for these species is 78.8-86°F.

The water acidity can also have an effect on their health, so should be kept in the range of 6.5-7.8pH, while the hardness should be kept within the following range: 9-20 dGH. Keeping an eye on these parameters at all times is the key to keeping them healthy.

When it comes to decorating the aquarium it becomes a bit more complicated. Flowerhorns really enjoy digging the substrate up and often break up live plants.

For the substrate it’s better to use mono-colored gravel and plenty of rocks and driftwood to create artificial cover.

Make sure that all decorations are secured because they may end up just bumping into them and due to its size can quite easily turn them over. Also make sure that the substrate is safe to use and does not contain sharp or broken grains.

What Size Aquarium Do They Need?

Flowerhorn Cichlids are pretty demanding when it comes to tank volume. You should allocate at least 70 gallons per one fish and 150 gallons per pair.