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The Flowerhorn Cichlid has a big appetite which seems quite reasonable when you think about their size. They will happily feed on anything that ends up in the tank, be it live foods or frozen ones. Being omnivores, they also require a leafy addition to their diet.

They eat all types of foods but it’s important to make sure that their food is rich in protein as this is the compound that makes up most of their diet.

The variety of the diet is just as important as the quality. With that in mind you can give Flowerhorns pre-made foods for large Cichlids, shrimp, bloodworms, other worms, dried crickets, dried grasshoppers, small fish filets or gammarus.

In addition to the meaty base of the diet you should also include some plant-based foods. This can be done either through buying pre-packaged readymade leafy foods at the store or getting live plants for the tank. 

The last option is a bit more demanding as fish will often break down the stem of the plants or dig it up.

Adults should be feed two or three times a day depending on how well their digestive system works. If the size of the portion is right, the fish should usually be done eating in 5 minutes. If that’s not the case or you see food lying at the bottom of the tank, try reducing the amount you give.

Other than that, they are considered a pretty healthy species and won’t require any additional supplements. 



These are pretty hardy fish and don’t need a whole lot of care.

Their diet should not be a problem either thanks to their healthy appetite. Whilst technically this fish can be kept by beginners, the size of the tank puts most beginners off. This means that you will be spending a lot more time on cleaning the tank and taking care of the equipment.

Not only are they big but very territorial as well which complicates things even further. Their aggressive behavior can be a bit extreme at time, to the extent that Flowerhorns may even attack the owner during feeding.

Even though this rarely happens it does not hurt to pay attention when placing your hands close to the water to avoid provoking these giants.