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Flowerhorn sex (louhan sex)

Submitted by jennytram on Wed, 11/13/2019 - 00:19


As mentioned in Flowerhorn history, they are crossbreeding species. As a result, the majority or even most flowerhorn males are sterile, which means that they cannot reproduce. By far, a very small percent of a batch would result in fertile males whereas the rest of the batch or sterile. Since not every male flowerhorn is fertile, finding a best or perfect fertile flowerhorn is time consuming. That is, hobbyists have to wait until the fish is sexually mature and then pair the male with a female to see if the male is fertile.

Flowerhorn Breeding

Submitted by jennytram on Wed, 11/13/2019 - 00:17

Flowerhorns are aggressive aquarium species. They cannot be kept with small cichlids, i.e., African cichlids, peacocks, etc., or they will kill the small cichlids. Likewise, they cannot be kept as a group in one aquarium; they will fight each other until the strongest one last. Very few hobbyists keep them with large cichlids in large aquarium; however, it is not recommended. Most flowerhorns are raised individually in separate aquariums or with a divider between them after the size of 1 - 1.5 inches for the rest of their lives.