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Filtration technologies use a variety of designs, many of which combine more than one type of filtration—mechanical, chemical, and biological. All require that the tank water be passed over or through one or more media types and returned to the tank. The water movement can be powered either by an airlift or by a water pump.


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While some aquarists maintain aquaria with minimal or no decoration, these are often breeding tanks or tanks for growing out fry. Most fish, however, do not show their best colors and behavior when kept in bare tanks, where they feel exposed.

Aquarium Setup Guide

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With the seemingly infinite number of combinations of fish, plants, and invertebrates that can be put together in an aquarium, it might be difficult to determine which ones will work best. Generally, putting plants and animals that come from the same type of habitat works well because they all have similar requirements.

9 best Flowerhorn Types

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Types Of Flowerhorn

I want to review more flowerhorn types in this world. Fish Louhan or known by the scientific name Flowerhorn is a type of freshwater ornamental fish that much loved fish lovers. This fish is very unique with the typical headed bump that is often called the jenong or head nong-nong. This characteristic turns out to have another difference that distinguishes louhan one with other louhan.

Flowerhorns, alias Nightmares

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Enhancing the beauty of natural specimens, innovation to improve nature, developing beautiful and exotic breeds and strains - these are the words one may hear from a hybrid breeder or a hybrid loving hobbyist. But the truth is that hybridisation is nothing more than HUMAN AGGRESSION TO THE NATURAL WORLD. Many of us know of a lot of hybrids, with so called blood parrots and flowerhorns leading the list. In this article I would like to focus on the flowerhorn cichlid.